About Me

I am a Southern California native originally from the city of Orange. I graduated from Villa Park High School and went on to explore my dreams of being a rockstar by playing drums for a variety of different rock bands in Orange County. While playing in these bands over the span of 10 years, I became more interested in the sound system and how to mix live sound.

This interest in sound equipment and drums led to a job working for a national instrument retailer. Shortly afterwards, I had my first opportunity to mix live sound and was hooked. At every opportunity, I would read anything I could find that would expand my knowledge. It wasn't until I became a father of twins that I realized I needed a career change. No longer content to work for just a paycheck, I began to research various professional schools to expand my audio engineering knowledge and start networking with industry pros. In September of 2009, I began my first day as a student at The Los Angeles Recording School (LARS). While in school, I discovered how much I liked the challenge of post-production audio work in addition to my love of working with music. I graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA and spent countless extra hours in the school's studios working on several projects.

I am a certified operator for Pro Tools in both Post-Production and Music Production techniques - the first LARS student to complete both certifications for Pro Tools HD8. I am confident that I can handle any task that is given to me - while I was attending school I also spent 12 weeks as an intern at a top post-production facility (Larson Studios), spent numerous extra hours booking the studios at school on my own time, mixed two student thesis films (including sound design and editing) and have been in charge of all the live sound production needs at my church.

Whether your needs are temporary or full-time, please do not hesitate to contact me and discover how much of an asset I can be to your project or company.

Clinton Jones