Audio Samples

"Blue Skies - Drums Only"

The band Pilot Whale hired me to select mics and preamps, tune drums and select mic placement. These clips are drum tracks with ONLY panning and level adjustments. The completed mix is available below so you can hear how the drums fit in the full mix.


"Blue Skies - Full Mix"

This is the mixed and mastered version of "Blue Skies". You can hear that the drums sound extremely close to the 'drums only' version since the mix engineer didn't need to process the drum sounds very far.


"SFX - Flying Cop Cars"

This was a class project to design sound fx for a well-known futuristic movie that was released in 1997. The lead actor was driving a cab (flying cars) and four police vehicle begin to follow/chase. 23 total layers of tracks.


"SFX - Flyby"

The task was to create a unique sound effect of a jet (possibly one that doesn't exist) flying over head. 12 total tracks layered together created this sound.


"Live Recording - Speech (Before)"

This sample shows how speech usually sounds when recorded directly from a p.a. system. This sample is the same segment as the 'after' sample. This is the quality you get from most live sound engineers. Listen to the tonal quality of the speaker's voice, specifically S's and T's.


"Live Recording - Speech (After)"

This sample shows how I can record speech directly from a p.a. system and produce a duplication-ready master in real-time. The volume is stronger without distortion, the voice tone is even, and there is much less sibilance. This sample is a duplication-ready quality recording.